Company Profile

      This is the official network of Singapore Weiyi Bio Technology Co., Ltd.Main business, health care products, electronic health care instrument, Southeast Asian special products, high-end custom tourism, and so on!The 1 degrees north latitude of ONE ONRTH (Weiyi) is the geographical location of Singapore, and the homophonic "unique" is not meaningful.The government has invested 15 billion new coins in the center for scientific research.Product R & D center of weiyi biological science and Technology City.Provide global biotechnology research and laboratory, cooperate with the world's advanced medical team technicians. Carry out technology research and forest farm experiment, research and develop the formulation of biomedicine and all kinds of health products.We are committed to the research and development of nanobiotechnology, which is the most suitable for the human body in Asia. The second largest science and technology research center in the world!
      All the products under the order will be sent by Singapore company directly to the domestic guests to guarantee the authentic products.