Return policy
One heart Vigny sales products are from the regular suppliers in Singapore, adhere to the quality assurance, promise perfect after-sales.

1, because it is an international direct mail, we do not accept the demand for no reason to return the goods, please forgive!

2, because the manual delivery will inevitably have the wrong delivery of goods and other phenomena:
Postal refuntion on the premise of uneaten packaging
Not refundable after eating in Kaifeng! If the buyer receives the goods, be sure to check it clearly.

3, express violence please big housework must check goods before signing, after signing of the damage and loss, the store is not responsible!

4, support the situation and requirements of free return.
1. The problem of commodity quality;
2, commodity spill loss;
3, the goods in good condition without unpacking, related accessories complete.

Returns Process

When the customer applies for return on line, please ensure that:

1, product packaging is complete, without unpacking
2 goods, no scratches, no grinding surface (broken), no bump, no loss, no use of removing traces;
3. Anti counterfeiting signs, labels or other anti-counterfeiting measures are not scratched, tearing, modifying and changing (if any)
4, if there is a gift, you must also return the gift.

First step, apply for return
In the website, online WeChat customer service, directly scan code into the chat interface, and explain the reasons for return, and attach photos of the returned goods (guarantee complete unpacking).

Second step, waiting for the confirmation of the customer service
The customer service will complete the confirmation within a working day and communicate with you on WeChat in time.

Third, send out the return goods
After the return application is passed, please return it in accordance with the address provided by the online customer service.
After the return of goods sent, please send to the online customer service express single number, have been sent to query the logistics information.
In order to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods, please ensure that the logistics information is true and effective, and keep your contact telephone open.

The fourth step, after receiving the goods, the refund is completed.
After receiving the goods checked out, we will start a refund within 7 working days.

Be careful:
If the goods do not comply with the one heart Vigny return policy return, the freight will be borne by you, and the freight will be charged for the return of the goods.
The loss of goods caused by the loss of goods and the error of mailing address should be borne by the user without applying for after sale or audit.